YETI Trailhead® Dog Bed



Is The Yeti Dog Bed Waterproof?

Only the bottom material of the Travel Pad is waterproof. On the Home Base, the EVA molded bottom layer is water resistant.

What Size Dog Is This Bed For?

The YETI Dog Bed is a great size for breeds large and small. The Home Base is 39.4" in length and 29.1" in width.

Is It Machine Washable?

It sure is. Simply unzip and remove the cover from the base and travel pad and cold wash and tumble dry on low heat. The waterproof base and interior foam products are both spot clean.

Can I Keep The Dog Bed Outside?

Because the bottom of the Home Base is not waterproof, it should stay inside to keep the foam protected. However, the travel pad has a waterproof bottom, great for wet ground at the campsite.

Is There A Warranty On The Trailhead Dog Bed?

The YETI Dog Bed has a three-year limited warranty. Additional warranty information can be found on our warranty information page.

Additional information

Weight4.7 kg
Dimensions73.9 × 16.5 cm



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