YETI Thin Ice


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Can It Replace Using Regular Ice Inside My Cooler

Overall, it’s an ice supplement best for shorter excursions, or maintaining the chill for pre-chilled drinks and food, and saving space in the lunch bag, box, and Hopper® Soft Coolers.


How Is This Different From The Original YETI Ice®?

YETI Thin ICE™ is engineered with the same technology as YETI ICE®, but is nearly 50% slimmer, so you don’t have to choose between saving space and keeping your goods fresh for as long as possible.


Can It Break?

We built it to be YETI tough and put it through multiple, rigorous tests to ensure it won’t quit on you — even if you drop it when frozen.


Is It Food Safe?

Yes, the reusable ice pack is food safe.



Is There A Warranty?

Yes, YETI THIN ICE™ is covered by a 5-year warranty.

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