YETI LoadOut® 5-Gallon Bucket



What Can I Use It For?

Consider this your five-gallon bucket addition to the marina, ranch, hunting blind, or wherever else rugged storage and utility is a necessity.

How Tough Is This Bucket?

The LoadOut® Bucket’s walls are twice as thick as conventional buckets and are made of rigid HDPE plastic. They’re built to not bow, break down, or crack, even with impact.

Is The Loadout® Bucket A Cooler?

No. The bucket is not insulated and will not keep your food or drinks cold. But it is food-safe if you want to brine a turkey, lug some apples, or get the homebrew going.

Is It Food Safe?

Yep. It’s great at a crawfish boil, for brining a turkey, and for getting the homebrew beer going. While the bucket is not insulated, it sits perfectly in our YETI TANK® 45 Ice Bucket.

Do They Stack?

Yep, and unlike other buckets, condensation and pressure will never build up between buckets when stacked, which means they’ll always separate easily.

Does It Have Uv Protection?

Sure does. UV protection is part of the bucket’s construction. This adds a great deal of long-term durability to the product.

How Do I Clean My Loadout® Bucket?

Just soap and warm water. Nothing fancy required.

Are There Accessories?

There are many ways to kit out your bucket. Check out the Watertight Lid, Caddy, Utility Gear Belt, and Tie-Down Kit.

Is There A Warranty On The Loadout® Bucket?

The YETI LoadOut® Bucket comes with a five-year warranty. For more information, please visit our Warranty Information page.

Additional information

Weight2.6 kg
Dimensions26.2 × 32.8 × 40.4 cm

Charcoal, Rescue Red, Sea Foam, Tan, White


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