Weber Q Essentials Pack (Q2X00)


All of your barbecue essentials in one handy pack. Now your Weber Q can roast the most succulent meats and vegetables, bake incredible dishes, cook perfect pizzas and so much more when using the accessories in the Weber Q Essentials pack.

Pack consists of a trivet, 10 aluminium foil convection trays, pizza stone, and frying pan.


  • Use the trivet and convection trays to roast and bake a huge range of meals, all on your Weber Q.
  • Break out the Weber pizza stone and instantly become your households favourite cook. Create crisp and perfectly baked pizzas all year round.
  • Cook eggs and omelettes, baked desserts and cakes, schnitzels, and so much more with your Q Ware frying pan.
  • Safely transport the frying pan to and from your barbecue thanks to the convenient, detachable handle.
  • The frying pans' durable Ti™ Titanium coated surface makes cleaning easy and is scratch resistant



  • Weber Q200/2000 series models. Does not fit NEW Q models launched Sept 2023.


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